I am a PhD in Biological Sciences and Astrobiologist. I am currently Senior Research Scientist at IAFE, UBA – CONICET, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I lead the Argentinian Research Unit in Astrobiology.

I carry out interdisciplinary research combining different areas of science as Biology, Astrophysics and Geology.

Initially interested as undergraduate student in how cells can be damaged by genotoxic agents, later I developed my research topic in Astrobiology and I have obtained my PhD degree with the first thesis in Astrobiology in Argentina. As part of my research I am currently pursuing to unveil the effects of radiation on life, how it can limit or influence the chances of life to arise and evolve, and which mechanisms can be employed by life forms to cope with it, not only on Earth and nowadays, but in the early beginnings of our planet or in other planetary bodies, including exoplanets.

In parallel to my work as researcher I am also interested in science journalism and outreach.
I have been working in mass media as journalist, TV producer, writer and editor. I have been awarded with the National Prize of Science Journalism in 2007. In particular, apart from the outreach activities that I carry out involving the communication of science, one of my current concerning topics involves analysis about the impact of science communication to the audience and other philosophical aspects of science journalism and outreach.